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BlueXP backup and recovery

Full spectrum backup for ONTAP​

NetApp® BlueXP backup and recovery delivers efficient, secure, and cost-effective data protection capabilities for ONTAP® data, applications, databases, Kubernetes persistent volumes, and virtual machines both on premises and in the cloud.

BlueXP backup and recovery provides a single control plane that simplifies the implementation of any backup strategy. This includes management for the full spectrum of 3-2-1 backup variations without the use of multiple resource managers and specially trained personnel.

Why backup, restore, and archive with NetApp BlueXP 

Simply put, the best backup for NetApp ONTAP is BlueXP backup and recovery

Back up to an object store using incremental forever block-level storage and preserve ONTAP’s efficiencies (deduplication, compression, and compaction) that reduce production costs. Secure data with copies that are independent and immutable, and that cannot be modified. Easily implement 3-2-1 data protection from a single point of control with integrated management for primary, secondary, and backup to remote object.

Meet your need for high-performance, cost-effective backups

Backups are notoriously hard to size, hard to manage, and hard to maintain. They can be demanding on the infrastructure because you have a limited time to back up data. Many current solutions can’t match Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements. This introduces the risk of missed backups and, ultimately, data loss.

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Backup and recovery for your ONTAP data

BlueXP delivers backup and recovery capabilities for protection and long-term archive of your enterprise ONTAP data wherever it resides. Backup copies are stored in your object storage of choice, either in the cloud or your on-premises NetApp StorageGRID® or ONTAP S3 system. Data can be restored to the original source or to a different ONTAP datastore.

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BlueXP backup and recovery global availability map

BlueXP backup and recovery is available for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud regions across the globe. Discover the region closest to you.

BlueXP: Unify hybrid multicloud management

BlueXP delivers a unified experience for storage and data services across on-premises and cloud environments. Its intuitive UI, AIOps-powered insights and automation, flexible consumption parameters, and integrated protection provide the operational simplicity and security required for today’s hybrid multicloud world.

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Take a deeper look

Rely on BlueXP backup and recovery to safeguard your critical data. Explore the features and implementation details.

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